Youth! I say awaken,

emerge from the cave,

your life is forsaken.


Listen to my words and even take my hand,

we have a duty to this sorrowing land.


It’s the models of our fathers we follow,

but their old ways won’t help,

we will find ourselves hollow.


So rise!

I’m speaking of your mind,

look deeper than your material eyes.


You must not desire,

but be crazed,

it’s the illusions of society that have us all hazed.


We have only cloth puppets as leaders,

if we let them parade,

it will be the fault of America for dropping the world’s meters.


So scream it out now, where did the apathy come from?

You don’t need to say it,

I know it’s the beating of the drum.


So tell me, why won’t you change?

we’re drowning in place,

and never measuring our full range.


When the apocalypse comes,

thy will be done,

Unless we emerge with new sticks and drums.


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