Pennsylvania and Down

I will love you more often than the clouds vary

And I’m telling you, it doesn’t matter if our dreams prove contrary.

We’ll find a way to stop the miles from separating us

But in the meantime I have dreams of you to discuss.

We passed back home but I don’t remember you

Now it seems you’ll be the muse I pen to.

Forgive me for forgetting, it’s something I tend to do–


Darling, I’m weary and I need to feed off your love

When I lie worrying at night its your face I turn to for something to think of.

Meet me and take me with you out of this town

I need out of my current states—Pennsylvania and Down.

Give me something to look forward to—living and breathing

I only give—and replenish is so rare that my skin is seething.


My jaw clenches so tightly you’d think I was teething

And as I feel them crack and see my bloody mouth

I know now that I need to get out.


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