Baby, I’m home!  I missed you so.

Let me see those lips that taste so good.


Sup, nig.  Back from my fucking mom’s.

Shut up and kiss me.


Honey, where did you move the case of Perrier to?

I was practicing my scales in the car

for my show coming up

and my throat is a little dry.


Goddamn! Get me a beer.

My damn voice hurts.

I had to scream at this bitch on the road for cutting me off.

I had to beat her ass.


Sweets, where did you want to go to dinner?

I know this place my friend from work recommended

that we could try if you liked.

Just give me a some time to put this dress on and do my makeup.


Hungry, fucker?

Order something.  I don’t feel like showering today.

And don’t you dare make me fucking pay again.


I’m on my way out for my run, sugar.

Could you maybe ask your friends not to

smoke in the house anymore?

I just can’t stand the smell.


Yo, my girl Molly and I are getting

acquainted tonight.

You and the boys down for a good ass night?

Tryna rage.


Mmm babe your skin against mine feels

better every time I touch you.

Make love to me again.


God that was amazing.  I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.

I’m fucking starving.

Go get our leftovers while I clean your cum off my ass.



The diamond’s perfect.

You know as soon as we tell your mom

she’s gonna make us set a date.



You damn nigger.

After all I’ve fucking done for you.

Suck it easy, asshole.

Don’t show your face around here again.


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