Angel down

Rare are tears, but for her there are thousands

Her pain inhabits me more than my own

It overfills me and I spill over

Tonight her angel was broken and I picked up the glass

I hope infinite shame upon him

Both of them hurried to the door as I left–I hurried to leave

The night was black and still, I was too busy to look for the moon

I made it mere yards, barefoot and crazed beneath the sky

I knew there was nowhere to go but to leave is my only salvation

When I collapsed it was plainly on the walkway, surrounded by sleeping houses

I panicked there on the concrete and paid no attention to what was around me

On my hands with my feet folded under me, I wept

I wept so deeply that my breathing skipped

My gasping was so violent that I purged everything my stomach kept

The convulsing of it tensed my entire body but it felt good

It was the only kind of catharsis I will ever have–physical and temporary


She kept calling me

She hates when I’m gone

I told her my pains and she replied with only a warning of the coming storm

I returned all empty, the sky released not a drop of rain

Thinking of her picking up the angel makes me cry

In the morning its place on the mantel was bare


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