from tomorrow

Things were better yesterday, things were different.

I meet someone I’d always wished for, a person I once knew before

Before that person changed.

The person I looked up to

Someone who proved life was worth living

Before the mistake most can’t forgive and I can’t forget

Things were better for a short time

This fills me with enough to cling onto for a little while longer

Hoping things would stay that way, hoping I really had you back

Then I was just filled with hurt

Those days of hope weren’t real but a figment of my hearts imagination

Everything you said was a lie,

Those apologies and promise of protection

I don’t want to talk to you now I am disappointed

I had hope i am sad I had faith

I’m forced to put up a new front

I am happy for you truly only to see joy within your heart

I am upset simply because this isn’t how I wanted it to go

Everything that happened will happen again and again

And even if things change,

Things just won’t ever go back

Tomorrow will never be yesterday

And tomorrow yesterday will still have happened.


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